AXIS 5600+ (2)
Print Server
Axis Communications, Inc.
20 May 2003
Tested and Approved with the following Novell products:
NetWare 6

Product Description
The AXIS 5600+ (2) is based on Axis RISC processor, ETRAX 100, an integral part of AXIS' ThinServer technology. As a 3-port, High-Performance Multiprotocol, 10/100 autosensing Print Server for Ethernet Networks, the AXIS 5600+ (2) offers advanced TCP/IP support and provides excellent printing flexibility. Support for IPP enables easy printing over WAN networks. To improve throughput, the AXIS 5600+ (2) supports the IEEE 1284 ECP mode allowing more than 1 Mbps in NetWare environment. It supports Novell NetWare including NDS (QMS printing over IP/IPX), NDPS in both IP and IPX environment and iPrint. The Level 3 support for Netware Packet Signature is an improved security feature. E-mail Notification support when printer needs assistance. Furthermore, it supports advanced Web based management (in 4 languages - English, Spanish, French and German) using any standard Web browser or via AXIS ThinWizard.

Test Configuration
Product/Model/RevAXIS 5600+ (2)/Rev. 6.33
Application TypePrint Server
NDPS GatewayNovell
Printer DriverIBM Infoprint 1125 PS3
Printer InterfacesBi-directional Parallel
Ethernet 100Base-T
Ethernet 10Base-T
IEEE 1284
RS-232C Serial 25-pin
Tested Printer ModesLPR/LPD
Remote (RP)
Tested Transport ProtocolIPX

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Axis Communications, Inc.
Emdalavagen 14
Lund S-223 69
Voice: 46-46-272-1800
Fax: 46-46-13 61 30