Kyocera FS-6030MFP
Printer - iPrint
Kyocera Mita Corporation
06 Dec 2010

YES CERTIFIED with iPrint on the following products:
Operating Systems:
   Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (Linux)     Support Pack 2 for Open Enterprise Server 2
Client Platforms:
   Windows XP
   Windows 7

Product Description
Kyocera Mita, a manufacturer of printers and digital MFPs, introduces our next generation printing system, Kyocera FS-6030MFP. Kyocera FS-6030MFP is a 30 PPM multi-function (Print/Scan/Copy/FAX) black & white laser printer. Please visit our website to find your nearest dealer.

Tested Configuration:
Product/Model:Kyocera FS-6030MFP
Printer Version:1.0
iPrint Client Version:Windows 7: iPrint Client for Windows 7 v5.44
Windows XP: iPrint Client for Windows XP/Vista v5.44
Printer Driver:Windows XP: KX 5.1.2026, PCL(1-5e,5c), PCL/XL or PCL6, Postscript
Windows 7: KX 5.1.2026, PCL(1-5e,5c), PCL/XL or PCL6, Postscript
Tested Printer Modes:LPR/LPD
Port 9100
Printer Interfaces:Ethernet

Additional Product Information:
Printer Type:Multifunction Peripheral
Printer Memory:MAX 1536
Printing Speed:30 PPM
Printer Resolution:600 dpi
Product URL:

Config Notes
*XPS is not supported by iPrint's Auditing and Banner features.
This is a note from the vendor.

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

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Osaka   540-8585
Voice: +81-6-6764-3555
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